Family Life

Pure and Simple

We were on the lawn today.

The moment seemed just perfect.

A blanket.


Three lovely babies.

Warm sun-shinny weather.

Completely unplanned.

Pure and simple.

Dirty faces and play clothes.


Eleanor Farjeon

A hop, a skip, and off you go!

Happy heart and merry toe,

Up and down and in and out,

This way, that way, round about!

Bend like grasses in the breeze,

Wave your arms like wind-blown trees,

Dart like swallows, glide like fish,

Dance like anything you wish.

Soundless as the snowflakes white,

Swift as shooting stars at night,

Nimble as a goblin elf,

Dance, dance and be yourself.

Stately, sprightly, so and so,

Quick and slow,

To and fro,

Kicking high and jumping low,

A skip, a hop, and off you go!


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