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Margie is a Christ-follower, humanitarian, nurse, homeschool and private school mom, wanna be homesteader, ARNP-FNP student, and vintage enthusiast. She enjoys gardening, basically all fluffy or feathered animals, encouraging words of hope and gratitude, and sunshine! She has a vintage shop on Instagram called Happy Hen Vintage Shop. Go find her and follow the shop!

She believes that none of us have all the right answers, but we each have ideas and glimpses into the supernatural realm of how God has allowed the world to be. If you listen closely, you may learn something new from the most unsuspecting person, maybe the least among us, or the cruelest, or the most powerful. We listen, we change, we grow.

She strives to be an advocate for people who find themselves in less fortunate places than she currently finds herself. (That could change tomorrow!) She hopes that becoming a family nurse practitioner may help her show compassionate, loving kindness to more people on a larger scale, while balancing this extravagant world of medicine, nature, and faith.

Let Love Abide exists to celebrate the beauty of life, family, God, and nature. Margie hopes to encourage others to see the beauty in their surroundings, notice the needs of people around them, grow closer to Jesus, and to intentionally show love to one another.

She has been married since 2002 and has three children. Her husband, David, is pastor, speaker, leader, writer and graphic designer. Her family is following their hearts, ministering to the community, and doing their best to be the hands and feet of Jesus.




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  1. Margie, this is really great. I didn’t even realize it was you writing it until I read “About”. You are indeed a wonderful writer. I wish you were still close to “home” so we could discuss this more often :o) Glad things are going great with you and your sweet family. God Bless.

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