2nd & 5th Grade Curriculum Choices 2016

(2nd Grade)

1. Language Arts:  

Grammar & Composition: Rod and Staff English 2 with Phonics workbook

Reading and Vocabulary: Rod and Staff Reading / A Story about God’s People

Spelling: All About Spelling – Level 2 & start Level 3

Grammar: First Language Lessons  – Level 2

Composition: Winning with Writing – Level 2

Literature: 20-30min each day (Choose from book list)

2. Math:

Saxon Math 2

3. History:

Story of the World: Middle Ages Level 2 + activity book + read aloud CD set 

4. Typing:

Typing Instructor

5. Science: (Astronomy & Earth Science) 

Real Science 4 Kids Geology with lab workbook

Real Science 4 Kids Astronomy with lab workbook

6. Cursive Handwriting:

Handwriting Without Tears

7. Music:

Piano lessons

8. Bible:

Daily scripture copy work, memorization, and recitation

9. Art

Art Creations Elementary Art Class


(5th Grade)

1. Language Arts

 Grammar & Composition: Rod and Staff English 5

Reading and Vocabulary: Rod and Staff Reading / A Time to Plant 

Spelling: All About Spelling – Level 5

Composition: Winning with Writing – Level 5

Logic: Mind Benders – Level 3

Literature: 30 min-1hr each day (Choose from book list)

2. Math

Horizons Math: Level 5

3. History

The Story of the World: Ancient Times Volume 1

4. Science: Astronomy & Earth Science

Real Science 4 Kids Geology with lab workbook

Real Science 4 Kids Astronomy with lab workbook

5. Cursive Handwriting

(Daily cursive sentence copy work and reading cursive sentences aloud)

6. Music

Piano lessons

7. Typing 

Typing Instructor

8. Bible

Daily scripture copy work, memorization, and recitation

9. Art

Art Creations Elementary Art Class

When God Says “You’re Welcome”


THERE it is… THAT moment again. The one where God shows me that He is absolutely real. The moment when I pray and I feel him. Mostly, it’s when I thank him. Oh, how he rushes over me. So often, I think “Did that just happen?” Did I just feel God’s presence with me? Can we replay that because it was amazing?! It couldn’t be emotions.  I’ve replayed it over and over. I am happy at times. I am sad and overwhelmed sometimes too, but I never feel that. I might jump up and down when something makes me feel excited and thankful. But, I don’t feel that. It’s when I talk to Christ. That’s it. 

There has never been another sensation comparable in any way. I could turn inside-out with the thrill of it. It makes my heart feel like it could burst open with excitement. Usually, its head to toe goosebumps too and a quick rushing through my veins.  Really, there is no way to describe it appropriately. It’s like a drug. I need more of it. When you feel him, you KNOW it’s him. It is God almighty, the creator of the universe. His presence is made known and like no other.

This past week, I said “thank you” and there it was, rushing over me. That’s all it took, one simple  “Thank you.” No planning. Nothing strategic. Actually, it took me by surprise…. again.  It was like a GIGANTIC “You’re welcome,” right back at me. Ummm… can we repeat that God? Let me try that one more time. “THANK YOU… Darn!!” It didnt have the same effect the second time around. But, it was so good!

And every time it happens, I think to myself, but why? I’m so messed up, so sinful.  He loves even though I’m imperfect. How can this be? I surely didn’t deserve that. Regardless of the fact that I’ve made plenty of mistakes this week, he still made me aware that he was there, with me. It’s really fantastic and quite thrilling to know a God like this. There is no earning this type of love. He gives it away freely and unassuming. 

He Isn’t Like Us

IMG_5175 copy

He isn’t like us. He is loyal and covenant-keeping. He is merciful, gracious, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness. He forgives iniquity and transgression and sin. (Exod. 34: 5-7)

These are things I have to keep reminding myself when I don’t understand God. The Israelites lost faith, grumbled and built a golden calf. God remained merciful. His presence remained with them, despite their repeated offenses. He gave them another chance. Mercy and forgiveness to thousands.

Jesus sent to a growing world to show us the way. His body broken on the cross for our failures, for another chance. He gave and became our sacrifice forever and ever. Again, mercy and forgiveness to all.

“I have come as a light to shine in this dark world, so that all who put their trust in me will no longer remain in the dark.” Jesus

He is loyal, committed and unchanging.

He isn’t like us. He doesn’t think like us. He remains focused and present at all times. We are vulnerable to sickness, death, persuasion, and weariness. We can’t see his interventions and protection. We can’t comprehend his goodness. Mostly, we aren’t grateful, whether from lack of knowledge or lack of understanding. We can’t see what is coming or all the ways he has shielded us and hovered over us.  Yet, he keeps going before us, continuously. We aren’t aware of all his workings but he continues. It’s the ultimate humility, the ultimate kind of love. Giving and protecting with no credit, no boasting or, in most cases, no recognition at all.

So, when I grumble, he remains. When I am lost for days upon days, he follows me into the darkness, searching out my heart. When I walk far away and his voice is no longer heard, his presence remains. When I think I don’t need him, he stays anyway. His love is not removed when I fail or doubt or blame or grow bitter. He isn’t like us. There is another chance. Mercy and forgiveness to us all forever and always.