Brain Injury Adventure Camp




BIAC serves those with brain injury, special needs and other disabilities.The camp is on 42 acres in Henderson County, KY and is an outdoor site created to provide adventure activities for those with and without disabilities.

The facility is also used for team building and outdoor education.

The camp has low ropes course, fishing ponds, one mile trails, zip lines, therapeutic horseback riding, adaptive trikes, gardening and arts.

BIAC began after David’s cousin, T.K., suffered a traumatic brain injury while snowboarding in Colorado in 2003 at the age of 25. T.K. was in a coma for three months. David’s uncle, Tim, T.K.’s father, never left his side and when therapy ended, Tim continued to encourage and work with his son. Although doctors did not give much hope for life beyond bedridden, T.K. continued to improve. Tim explored opportunities for T.K. to grow physically and mentally and discovered an adventure camp in Colorado. After volunteering at this camp several times, Tim was convinced that such a camp was much needed and would be utilized in the western part of the US.

That began the long road of prayer, work, donations, research and so much more. Today, this is an amazing nonprofit organization that serves people in an awesome way.

We were amazed at the passion and love found within this organization. Most of all, we loved spending time with family we hadn’t seen in a very long time.

You can find more information about BIAC here:


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Loving Embraces



Life is moving faster than ever but this time I slow down to see.

Freezing moments of baby smooth skin and loving embraces.

Carefree laughter and a heart full of this very moment.




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We embrace what God gives.

Today, it feels like a gift, tomorrow it may not.

What ever the day holds, it is a day given by God, with all things considered.

We believe, hold strong and breathe deep.

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God is Stronger… by Roman Huff



God is stronger.
God is stronger than anyone else in the universe – like the Hulk or Superman or anyone else you know. God is loving and kind and he is great. I love my God. He died for our sins. I pray all the time. Sometimes I cry because I love Him more than anyone else in the world. Actually, I’m crying right now and praying right now.
The end. From Roman.
Made April Tuesday 9, 2013

You can imagine how my heart melted just now when I found these printed words.

Roman, my 6 year old son, typed and printed this with no prompting or assistance.

It isn’t the spelling or grammar that is so stunning.

It is the heartfelt words of my sweet boy who knows the love of Jesus.

He said that these are the lyrics to a song he wrote and wants to sing on the microphone.

I asked him if he really cried and he said “I had one little tear.”

Of all my days as a mommy, today is one of my most happy and thankful so far.


photo copy 8Wide open skies and warm country air.

Very uncharacteristic of late December in Kentucky but very appreciated.

We ran and played on grandmother’s farm for Christmas this year.

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photo copy 2

We finally got our hands on growing baby Violet who is almost 6 months old.

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photo copyCozy & familiar things are good.

They help us to settle down.


Recent changes have been a little more difficult on me than anticipated.

Cozy & familiar are nothing of the sorts.

As a mother, a sense of security in my children is important.

I want them to feel at home and peaceful within.

I place a lot of value on this because it is important to me.

With our move, as expected, things were turned up-side-down.

They still are and will probably be for a while.

Why have I been struggling so much with that?


Isaiah 26:3-4 

You will keep in perfect peace
all who trust in you,
all whose thoughts are fixed on you!
Trust in the Lord always,
for the Lord God is the eternal Rock.


I have to re-evaluate.

Is my security found in myself?

Does my peace come from control and perfection?

Are my eyes really fixed on the Lord?

I have to ask myself these questions and be transparent with myself.

Did you know we can lie to ourselves?

It’s called denial.

The answers are not what I wanted to hear.


So, here we go Jesus.

Lesson 500,988,321,764.

I’m having trouble trusting You.

For some crazy reason, I’m finding myself more capable than You, my creator.

This mindset looks like a lot of disappointment and heartbreak for my future.

So, let’s talk about changing it.

Show me how to let go.

I don’t want these frustrating feelings in my heart and now I know why they are there.

I am Yours.

My heart is Yours.

My mind is Yours.

My life is Yours.

My family is Yours.

My days are Yours.

I do not know what is best, You do.

I’m setting my mind on You.

Every moment & every second.

Thanks you Jesus that you love me so much that you show me how to feel better.


This week at my mom’s house in the country has been a gift.

Did I earn such a gift? Probably not.

But God loves me despite whether or not I’m deserving.

My Heart


Good things are happening in Chattanooga…






























Things are currently a bit of a whirlwind

and I’m just along for the ride.

You never know what a day may bring.

But, God is so completely faithful.

This is the beginning of something I can’t see

but feel in my heart.

God is up to something fantastic!

I Wish

I wish we could begin life knowing all the things we learn along the way.


There are so many lessons to be learned.

The momma in this photo has everything she ever dreamed about.

So much love surrounds her. 

Her children need her. She is their world. 

Why can’t I see life for what it is when I’m right in the middle of it?

I’ve missed seeing the goodness in so many of my days.

I get so impatient with these sweet children.

It seems that at some point, almost every day, I am frustrated and irritable with them.

Most of the time, I justifiably have a reason.

In my mind, I could explain how one of them deserved the harshness I dished out.

But, the truth is, they didn’t.

I’m so tired of thinking about things I should not have said before falling asleep at night.

I know in my heart that in just a short while they will be independent.

They wont need me like they do now.

I will wish I had every single moment back to re-do.

Having a third child has definitely stretched me to my limit, maybe even pushed me over the edge.

I am physically and emotionally exhausted every single day.

I feel like every ounce of strength has been squeezed from my body.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and wonder who in the world I’m looking at.

That is why I need God.

This is just another challenge that I need Him to guide me through.

He will show me the way.

He will renew my strength.

In every way, I am truly the happiest I have ever been.

I love these babies with every breath.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s not hard.

My prayer tonight is that God helps me see my every moment for what it truly is.

I pray that He helps me know the right way to handle myself in every situation.

I want to be proud of all the words I’ve spoken to my children and all my actions towards them.

I need Him to help me change now before what I’ve learned is too late to be useful.


Pure and Simple

We were on the lawn today.

The moment seemed just perfect.

A blanket.


Three lovely babies.

Warm sun-shinny weather.

Completely unplanned.

Pure and simple.

Dirty faces and play clothes.


Eleanor Farjeon

A hop, a skip, and off you go!

Happy heart and merry toe,

Up and down and in and out,

This way, that way, round about!

Bend like grasses in the breeze,

Wave your arms like wind-blown trees,

Dart like swallows, glide like fish,

Dance like anything you wish.

Soundless as the snowflakes white,

Swift as shooting stars at night,

Nimble as a goblin elf,

Dance, dance and be yourself.

Stately, sprightly, so and so,

Quick and slow,

To and fro,

Kicking high and jumping low,

A skip, a hop, and off you go!