Family Life


blogging makes me appreciate hum-drum days. i woke up this morning and decided to record bits and pieces of our day. when i was all done writing, it actually didn’t seem hum-drum in the least!

it was rich and beautiful and lovely.

it is easy to get lost in time, worry and work yourself to death and then just feel relieved to lie your head down at night.

if there was only a way for us all to see the reality of what we actually have.

“overdoing it”

a very fitting lesson.

i love that through homeschooling, i’ve been the one to teach roman to read. what an amazing path to walk upon.

teaching him sometimes reminds me of old english literature. before there were schoolhouses, people learned from each other and from studying books. what amazing conversations roman and i have had about the books we’ve read together.

estella holding her dolly’s hand and keeping herself busy while we have school time!

calendar and clock work.

give a boy and box and he is good to go! jude finds PLENTY of things to do during school time!

he pretty much reminds me of quite a few surgeons i’ve works with in these glasses. maybe a doctor in the works?

little momma.

preschool time.

c is for cat. oh, how he wants one. i’m thinking maybe a cat in a box for easter….

globe + map + history books + baby sister

carving hieroglyphics into our clay (play dough) tablet.

chicken tortilla soup. roman likes to borrow my camera.

circus world.



2 thoughts on “Hum-Drum

  1. Margie… thank you for sharing all of this with us … we all need to appreciate and stop to enjoy all the little things we do each day! love ya

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