Family Life

Mud Glob Fights

Directions to my sister’s house:

Turn left at the only grocery store in town.

Make a right when the road curves left.

I LOVE it!

We made our ten minute trip down the road into a little adventure.

We passed this house.

I’m dreaming of it renovated.

I am sitting on the porch in a rocker.

David with his beard playing theĀ ukulele.

Estella next to me, in a hand stitched dress, holding her baby doll.

The boys in the yard.

A garden in the back.

A dog. A cat. Some goats and chickens.

(We may have to move to the country soon.)

We saw some goats in someone’s backyard so we stopped to play.

At my sister’s, the boys and I decide to go on a hike through a muddy field to see the sheep.

The day could not have been more perfect.

Sun shiny skies.

A cool breeze.

Perfect for running and falling and dried mud glob fights.

I’m not sure why or how God cares so much about one person when there are so many.

He knew just what this Momma needed.

The skies opened up today and God really loved on me.

Checking out the pig pen.

I was lying the kids down for bed tonight and they were so thankful for our day.

“Momma, thank you for taking us on an adventure today. It was really fun. Maybe we can do it again sometime.” Jude


One thought on “Mud Glob Fights

  1. It’s cool that you can make and adventure out of what I pass by everyday and dont think twice about. Good for you for being creative!! =) you need to move the family in next door and we will have adventures with the kids everyday!! =) P.S. for everyone else reading this that is not my house Margie wants to renovate….. Lol

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