Family Life

Happy 3rd Birthday Jude.

What a blessing this special 3 year old has been to my life.

I can’t believe he has grown so big.

I’ll never forget being presented with my little red head for the first time.

We are so proud of you Jude Kingston David!

His cousins Victoria, Emerson and Jackson came to see him on his birthday from Indiana.



Baby sister.

Big brother and Emerson.

He loves his daddy. They might look just a tiny bit similar 🙂

Aunt Bethany holding our little Minnie Mouse.

Mommy loves the birthday boy.

Pabba making sister laugh!

Best friends.

A bounce house!


Surprise!!!!! Jude couldn’t talk he was so excited about his go-cart! (Victoria is cracking me up in this photo.)

Look at this face. I’m pretty sure he hadn’t said anything yet! He was so happy, nothing was coming out except squeals.

Brother holding on for dear life.

Poppy, Daddy and Uncle Brent blowing up the bounce house.

Dancing at the bowling alley.

Emerson and Jude really hit it off. They spent a lot of time playing together.


What a fun day and a blessed family!


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