Family Life

Sunday Afternoon

The weekend’s busyness made everything sort of a blur.

Birthday parties, fun & family!

My husband, David, spoke at our Sunday services this morning.

This afternoon, finally, we slowed down a bit.


The boys had a good time jumping on their new trampoline from their Huff Grandparents. It was a surprise birthday present for Roman! He had a big Alvin and the Chipmunks Chipwrecked party on Saturday with all his friends. Photos coming soon!


We had our first batch of garden beans for dinner! They were so yummy. The boys were proud since they planted the seeds and the picked the beans!


Jude examining a centipede and rolly polly bug he caught while helping me plant in the garden this afternoon.


The chickens discovered my garden for the first time  this morning!

They wondered all the way to the other side of the yard and feasted on one tiny tomato before they were caught!

This afternoon my hubby put chicken wire up around the garden for me.


This is their little portable home.


I planted sweet potato for the first time today in an empty garden spot. I can’t stand to have any extra room  in the garden without something growing!


butternut squash.





tiny cucumbers.


I ended my day putting this sweet little one to bed. Goodnight angel.


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