Family Life


This is us.

No spectacular happenings.

Just silly bustling hoopla all day long.

Little Momma turned 7 months old yesterday!

She loves her chick chick chicks!! I think someday she might be dressing them.

So, apparently chickens like to take “dirt” baths. They find any dirt they can, roll in it, then flap their wings! Dirt flies everywhere… It is quite an odd thing to see.

You can see my happy green bean plants climbing up the lattice I made for them!

Look at this boy go! I drew the world and he filled in the details all on his own! He added each of the seven continents from memory. I’d say first year Geography was a success!

Oh sweetness! Can I cuddle up in the quilt too?

I love these babies!

Fresh lettuce variety from the garden! It was delicious with our Asian Pork Tenderloin last night!


One thought on “Hoopla

  1. I love to watch how much you love life, you are one of the few people I know that enjoys the simple things but makes them large, and to see you teach that to your children is amazing!!

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