Family Life

Merely Average

Just a peak into our little day…

It’s merely average, for us.

Probably not so normal to you.

I mean, most people don’t have chickens.

And you might not spend quite as much time in the floor gluing & coloring & reading & making gigantic messes.

Regardless, your day was just as special as mine.

The key, I think, is making “average” special!

Summing up Kindergarten!

First year of homeschooling coming to an end.

We have a whole playroom full of toys and the boys always choose the books and colored pencils over their toys.

They pretty much hang out in the room with the glue & scissors most of the day!

Playing with the chickens.

(Ruby & Lila & Hazel)


2 thoughts on “Merely Average

  1. Raising chickens should be a fun project for the kids. My niece homeschools and she did that. The kids really enjoyed it and they sold eggs to make extra money.

  2. Congrats on finishing your first year of home-school. That is an accomplishment!! I’ve been starting to think of next year (when Jameson will start school) and wondering what is in store for our family. I’d love to hear more about how you came to the decision to home school. Its a big deal.

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