Family Life

I See

I see those great big clouds!

I feel that warm breeze!

I’ve stopped looking for happiness because its here in my heart…..


Everyone is looking for something better. Looking for something to make them happy or something to change their circumstances. God forbid any of us miss out on something good.

The grass seems to always be greener on the other side.


If your grass wasn’t green on your side, it’s not going to be green on anyone else’s side.


We miss out on all the richest and most fulfilling parts of life when we can’t stop searching.

Commitment. Longevity. Honesty. Devotion.

All traits that seem to be evaporating even in the most unexpected people and circumstances.


God gives strength. He makes things great. Without him, no one can last.

But, with Him, we are renewed and life is charming.

Huff family vacation 2012


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