Family Life

This is our Place



Ooltewah, TN


A year ago, I had NO idea I would be here or that I would be anywhere different than where I was for that matter.

So, for all our family and friends, near and far, here you go!

This is where we landed.

It’s our place.





Looking out & Looking in.

Baby Bear wanted a picture.




My favorite room.


This is where we learn & play.

This is where it is just “us” and books and art!





Little parts of the dining room.


Peeking in the half bath downstairs.



I am in love with this print my mom and I found antiquing last weekend.

“The Shepherd” 1909

Also, you can see my funky curtains from World Market on the right.




Left: Looking into the kitchen

Right: Looking over our dining room table into the living room.

(Notice how convenient it MIGHT be to put your kids at this table for lunch and turn on a cartoon for them to watch. I mean – only if you were that sort of mom 😉




IMG_8722 copy


I finally found something to do with all those old clay jars I had laying around…


IMG_8713 copy


IMG_8709 copy


IMG_8586 copy


I can’t believe I didn’t photograph my pantry.

You can see the first door to the right in this photo. That is it!

It very big and amazing. This is my first actual pantry can you tell?

I love it!

The second door is the laundry room which leads to the two-car garage.




IMG_8584 copy


Corner of living room.

Just found this old bookshelf mostly for kids novels and a few of my favorites.

Now that Roman is really reading, I love collecting all the classics for him.


IMG_8554 copy





Did I mention how appreciative I am of this laundry room?

It’s right off the kitchen and when I do laundry, (which is much more often now that my washer & dryer are indoors) it smells like warm fluffy lavender all over the house.


IMG_8630 copy

Upstairs hallway.

It may be the widest, longest hallway I’ve seen.

Apparently, this is good for nightly kickball tournaments.



I’ll pause here and mention how incredibly blessed my kids are at this moment in time.

This playroom is amazing.

Upstairs Hall again on the right.


A gigantic walk-in closet in the playroom full of toys.



Plenty of space inside for sleeper sofas, huge outdoor playhouses and wrestling matches.

(Don’t ask me why Roman is wearing Estella’s bib in this photo. I’m pretty sure Jude is feeding Roman pretend baby food.)


Guest bathroom/Kids brush my teeth space.

(This would be the kids bathroom altogether but it seems that everyone would rather bath in my large jacuzzi tube.)


Our bedroom.

(I’m reminded of the “Master of the House” song from Les Miserables right now.)

It really is wonderful.

IMG_8638 copy

David made this headboard for me. Isn’t it beautiful?


Master bath.

Oh why didn’t I remember to pick up candles to fit in those lovely vintage candles stands?


Do I dare show you our closet?

Well, just a peak… I cleaned it up just for you!

It is truly the size of a small bedroom.


Roman and Jude’s room.




Could these boys fit any more stuffed animals in their beds?

By the way, my husband made these headboards too.

IMG_8653 copy

Estella’s room.

IMG_8661 copy

“The Stolen Kiss”


“Sitting Pretty”

IMG_8811 copy



IMG_8834Who took the Paci from the Paci Jar?


4 thoughts on “This is our Place

  1. Margie,

    Everything is just lovely! Thanks for sharing. I am so happy for you and David!

    Blessings Always,

  2. I am so proud for you, your house is so pretty and you have decorated it so well, looks like magazine pics!

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