Family Life


We had a little time off this weekend and decided to cram as many things as possible into 2 days!

First stop: Holiday Drive-In.

(David and I spent many dates here early in our marriage.)

I’ll never forget Jude’s face the first time he saw the BIG screen come on. He apparently had NO idea what to expect. His mouth literally fell open and popcorn hit his lap. I’m sure he didn’t close his mouth for at least 1 whole minute!

Popcorn, Slushies and a little pre-show baseball.

Next Day: Holiday World.

(Both places start with “Holiday.” Weird huh?)

My little diva happily refused a nap the entire day. She wasn’t going to miss a thing! She swam, road rides and had funnel cake & ice-cream with the rest of us!

She was looking a little tuckered out here!

Look Mom! You did ride a ride. We forgot about the old-fashioned cars!!

Estella’s first ride ever! Does she look like she’s having fun?

Our little end-of-the-summer hoorah!

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