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Early Arrival Surprise

The baby goats got to come home a little early! They were due to arrive in May, but I begged and pleaded. Finally, the breeder decided let us have them a week early. We picked them up and drove home with two goats in our truck bed.  It was quite the funny experience; however, I realize this is probably a totally normal and boring experience for “actual” farmers. They seem to be adjusting really well to their new home. The first night they cried every time we walked away. Their cries were MUCH louder than I expected. All our neighbors now know when snuck goats into the city limit. Oops!

We put up a temporary shelter for them with some pallets since our mini barn isn’t built yet. (Hopefully, its going up within the next week or so.) Finally, to get them to be quiet, I propped up some things in front of their little shed so they would be totally enclosed. They liked this set up MUCH better and were quiet the rest of their first night. Today, they are playing, munching on all the fresh tall grass in their pen, and looking very happy. Just a few hours after their arrival, they seem to be settling in perfectly!


Baby Goat Shopping

We found the sweetest little goat farm in Christney, Indiana! We loaded up and took a 45 minute drive through the country. (I don’t think I passed another car the entire way.) When we arrived, we were greeted by the sweetest lady who loved her goats like they were her children. We went out behind her barn, she called for them, and they came running through the green pasture and over the hill towards us! My kid’s jaws dropped. All the momma goats used our legs as scratching posts. Babies climbed up to eat our shirts and wanted their ears rubbed! Heart melted! I will take them all please???

We spent a little while with the Nigerian dwarf goats and picked the two babies that wouldn’t leave us alone. We are suckers for baby animals that want our attention. Literally, all hopes of picking ones with specific color patterns went totally out the window. We chose a little blue-eyed, tan and cream baby boy who was the owner’s favorite. She literally had tears in her eyes when we were walking away. This one was my kid’s favorite too. He is super brave and is immediately everyone’s best friend. Little Baby boy number two won me over with his gentle spirit. Can you tell by the picture of me holding him? He is the little brown-eyed, brown and black goat who is very loving and likes human cuddles.

We recently bought a few acres and have always wanted a few small farm animals. This is the beginning or our homestead, AKA petting zoo. The goats will come home to be with us in May. Now, its time to build the fence!

Fence progress photos to come.