Mornings in the Huff House



Homeschooling has been such an unexpected journey.

I began very unsure if it would be something I would continue. I held many false preconceived notions.

If my words were enough to describe the moments of love & learning being shared in our home, you would understand.

I love the “togetherness” of us – our family.

I love that we learn and read and grow together.

I love that I can teach them what I please and reinforce Godly habits in their lives.

I have a love/hate relationship with the chaos of a crazy messy house until 3pm every day.

I love that my 1st grader knows way more than I ever did about the hunters & gatherers, ancient Egypt, famous composers & artwork.

I love that he corrects my grammar and pronunciation.

I love that we all pile up with blankets and read classic literature.

I love that we were reading a Bible story and when the word “Mesopotomia” appeared, my son knew exactly where it was and that is was the first documented city on Earth.

I love that my kids have the opportunity to grow intellectually and spiritually in this way.

I love so much about it all. Especially, I love that the end result of such a challenging task is worthwhile.

Little bug with his two favorites.

#1 blanky

#2 4th generation hand-me-down micky mouse pjs.

10 months old and she finally has teeth to brush.

She’s Oh So Proud!

Peeling it from her hands is a true task.

Every so often.

Every so often, one of these unusually calm days pop up unexpectedly.

Boy, did I need it more than ever!

Everyone was good. No fights. No crying. Things got accomplished. Lots of laughing & silliness.

This little angle is lying on my baby blanket.

I found it this week. It was made by my aunt when I was born and has my initials stitched into the back.

Oh! She is just scrumptious.

When I look at this picture I just want to kiss those little cheeks, make her smile & hold her close.

Learning to use measuring cups in math.

These chickens are cracking me up!

They follow us around the yard and chirp at us when they want something.

Today, I was kneeling down working on something in the yard. One just walked right up to my leg, as close as it could get and started chirping away.

They stay right together all the time. They follow each other around the yard and cuddle together in their coop.

Two hawks were flying overhead today circling our yard though. Doesn’t seem like a good thing… Maybe we shouldn’t get too attached.

Roman was proud today that he finally figured out how to catch one of these fast little ladies.

Roman FINALLY made it up to Super Student in class today!! Big candy rewards for that one!

You can see Jude here playing with his favorite little buddy. The cat’s name was initially “Tigress” but Jude seems to have renamed it “Figaro” since Minnie Mouse has a cat with this name.

This is Hazel. I think she is getting a little too comfy. She found a nice warm spot to lie down…


I’m so looking forward to summer!

Free movies and bowling every week.

Tons of play dates scheduled.

My sister’s sweet baby girl is coming soon.

It’s gonna be fun!

merely average

Just a peak into our little day…

It’s merely average, for us.

Probably not so normal to you.

I mean, most people don’t have chickens.

And you might not spend quite as much time in the floor gluing & coloring & reading & making gigantic messes.

Regardless, your day was just as special as mine.

The key, I think, is making “average” special!

Summing up Kindergarten!

First year of homeschooling coming to an end.

We have a whole playroom full of toys and the boys always choose the books and colored pencils over their toys.

They pretty much hang out in the room with the glue & scissors most of the day!

Playing with the chickens.

(Ruby & Lila & Hazel)

The Seven Continents.

My little superheros just finished up a study of the seven continents. This has been my favorite thing we have studied since starting Kindergarten. I’m pretty sure Roman already knows more about each of the continents than I ever learned in public school. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. He can name and find each of the continents. He can also give you a rundown of the basic climate, animals and culture found on each one. I love it! This has opened a whole new world to this little 5 year old. He wants to travel the world and see all the great landmarks. He has wanted to know more about this subject than I have had the knowledge to share with him. So, I’ve spent a lot of time in preparation for this class. I’ve loved every minute of it!