hopes and dreams.

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What would I like this year to be?


This is not about resolutions. It’s just about hopes and dreams.

My 30’s have caused me to think much more about passing moments and time standing still.

I’ve become more likely to do things I’ve dreamed of doing.

I find myself asking, “why not do that?” and realizing the risks are much lower that previously assumed.

Moments stand apart from others –  like the green crispy lettuce on my sandwich this morning.

Just that one, simple & organic detail made it taste so much better.

Like mixing batter in vintage ceramic bowels is more beautiful than mixing in those ugly plastic ones.

It makes me feel like I’m creating something wonderful that will fill my children’s tummies.

Like walking outside in the early morning cold to care for my chickens.

I take a deep breath and the coolness expands my lungs full.

It is quiet. The air is crisp. The sun is rising. The squirrels play.

I am not alone here in this world. God is with me always.

Like the sound of the stream running behind my home in the dark woods.

Though it looks desolate out there, it is not.

There is the sound of water flowing, moving across the ground, carrying things here and there.

I would like to continue on this path of progression in 2014.

I am a person who changes. My thoughts morph as I am inspired, as God speaks.

I want to pull myself together when I feel weak.

I want to feel compassion deep and always have time for another.

I want my words to mimic God’s heart.

I want to be so close that I feel His spirit envelope me.

I want to teach & inspire & love.

I want my sight to be focused and undistracted.

That is what is so special about this God I serve.

He is gracious. He is present.

And He makes my dreams come true.


What would you like your year to be?


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