little treasure.



I found a little treasure today digging through some old books.

When my grandmother, Margie, passed, she left behind some medical books that were passed along to me.

I think this may have been lost among those.

It is called  God’s Minute: A Book of 365 Daily Prayers Sixty Seconds Long for Home Worship.

Published in 1916 and written by 365 Eminent Clergymen and Laymen.

Within the first pages there is this poem written by Blinton Scollard.


Let us put by some hour of every day

For holy things! – whether it be when dawn

Peers through the window-pane, or when the noon

Flames, like a burnished topaz, in the vault,

Or when the thrush pours in the ear of eve

Its plaintive monody; some little hour

Wherein to hold rapt converse with the soul,

From sordidness and self a sanctuary,

Swept by the winnowing of unseen wings,

And touched by the White Light Ineffable!

It’s remarkable to read words written nearly 100 years ago, knowing they were worshiping the same God as I.

They were seeking guidance from the same Bible.

They plead with us regarding the importance of spending time with God in their words left behind.

Many of the writers are now with Jesus eternally.

And who was Mamie Billups that lived on 906 Bellemeade Av whom this book belonged?

I may never know but I’m glad this little treasure somehow landed in my hands.


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