Many of you have heard that we are moving to Chattanooga to pastor a church.

One of my greatest heartaches at this moment is over THIS group of girls.

Never in my dreams could I have known how I would LOVE these students so deeply.

They have inspired me beyond words.

They’ve changed me in some way each time we’ve met.

Their desire is to show God’s love, become more like Him and humbly inspire others.

I could write a story about all the things that have happened among us over the years.

I’ve seen their hearts.

They are beautiful, honest and genuine.

I’ve watched many of your grow from children into young woman.

The openness among this group is something truly remarkable.

They listen to each other and encourage one another without judgment.

They have inspired me to love and not judge, to embrace life to it’s fullest and trust God wholeheartedly.

The time I’ve spent with them will forever hold a special place in my heart.

To all those who are a part or have been a part in the past:

Girls, I love you dearly.

Thank you for letting me be a part of your lives.

I’ve loved every moment.

I cannot wait to see the amazing path unfold that God has chosen for each of you!

Call me. Text me. Facebook me.

I’m not far away!

I’ll miss you.



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