i see the moon.

My husband made these ADORABLE invitations and they made my day!

How lucky am I to have such a talented husband?


Our baby girl is turning 1 next month.

Oh – how moments are just flying by.

Within the past two weeks, she has discovered so many new things.


I LOVE when children suddenly understand that there is a greater reality than what is right in front of them.

They look out beyond the trees and into the sky.

Their eyes search to find the barking dog across the street.

Their arms flail out to feel the movement of the wind as it presses against them.

Their eyes follow a bird coasting along it’s path.


Last night, Estella reached up to the sky and wanted the moon.

Her little fingers moved in & out motioning for it to come near.

“Ooooohhhh” she said. (code for “wow” in Estella’s language)

I remember each one of my children “finding” the sky.

I love the night’s sky. Maybe that is why I remember them each finding it so vividly.

I imagine their world’s suddenly expanding.

How overwhelmingly extraordinary it is to be reminded of our creator.

To be reminded that there is more that what is found within.

My world is small but His is immeasurable and ceaseless.


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