Homeschooling has been such an unexpected journey.

I began very unsure if it would be something I would continue. I held many false preconceived notions.

If my words were enough to describe the moments of love & learning being shared in our home, you would understand.

I love the “togetherness” of us – our family.

I love that we learn and read and grow together.

I love that I can teach them what I please and reinforce Godly habits in their lives.

I have a love/hate relationship with the chaos of a crazy messy house until 3pm every day.

I love that my 1st grader knows way more than I ever did about the hunters & gatherers, ancient Egypt, famous composers & artwork.

I love that he corrects my grammar and pronunciation.

I love that we all pile up with blankets and read classic literature.

I love that we were reading a Bible story and when the word “Mesopotomia” appeared, my son knew exactly where it was and that is was the first documented city on Earth.

I love that my kids have the opportunity to grow intellectually and spiritually in this way.

I love so much about it all. Especially, I love that the end result of such a challenging task is worthwhile.

Little bug with his two favorites.

#1 blanky

#2 4th generation hand-me-down micky mouse pjs.

10 months old and she finally has teeth to brush.

She’s Oh So Proud!

Peeling it from her hands is a true task.


One thought on “togetherness.

  1. I second your love for “togetherness”. I home schooled Alyse and Bryce for seven straight years and it yielded a closeness and a foundation that can never be shaken nor taken away. I am happy for you, Margie. Motherhood is simply GLORIOUS! Enjoy very second!

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