Pea Pie.

Pea Pie!

I see you my sweet little Estella darling.

This is me as a baby. Look at the barrette in my hair and compare it to the one above in Estella’s hair!

I’m NOT kidding. I took these pictures of Estella this morning. Then, I thought to myself,  “I know I have a photo of me somewhere around the same age.” I went and found a photo and I am wearing the EXACT same barrette!!

Oh my goodness. Now these photos are even more special!

I found these precious little vintage barrettes on Etsy.

They are obviously just like the ones I wore in EVERY picture I’ve seen of myself as a baby.

Ducks & Poodles & Bows.

I love them!

The colors in the vintage barrettes are SO much better than the new pastel & neon ones.


She finally has just enough hair to wear them!


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