I’m Guilty.

This morning, I took my kids bowling. It wasn’t the bowling alley we typically visit but they were offering “free” bowling for kids. The reason I don’t typically visit that specific alley is because it is a little run-down and the area isn’t quite as nice. On our way in we passed a van of men. They were working hard unloading equipment to the bowling alley. Just as you would think, they looked pretty rough, but not necessarily intimating in any way. When inside, we paid for our shoes and a very nice gentleman got us all set up for bowling. He was very kind and accommodating. Seeing that I had three kids with me, he helped  get the game ready to go and brought a size appropriate ball over to our lane. He talked to my little princess and joked with the boys. He was very “rough.” Dirty clothes, poor grammar, dirty hair… Then, he pulled out his phone and showed me a photograph. Yesterday, he became a grandfather to a little “Anthony.” He even said a curse word in front of my kids. Normally, this would anger me. But, today, I had compassion. (Then, I had a simple talk with my boys afterwards which they completely understood.) He said he was going to be a “(insert a d word) __  good grandfather. When we left, the workers were still outside and I quietly passed by without saying a word.

So, who is reaching out to these people? Where do they go to church? Do they know God?

My heart is broken. I feel the Holy Spirit sending me a little reality check. I live in a bubble. I only go to the best places and  spend a lot of money on the best things. I know I’m living out “part” of my calling ministering at my church to our students. But, something is out of balance. I should be finding these people who need God urgently. These  people aren’t the ones that will voluntarily walk through our church doors. Why would they come? They don’t fit in.

I feel God’s longing for compassion and forgiveness towards this hurting group of people. I sense it in my heart today. I’m thinking of ways I can help. I’m listening to God and serious about changes.

I’m thankful my heart comes alive when God speaks to me. I’m thankful that God makes me aware. I don’t like feeling satisfied or overly confident. I know there is an arrogance about it. It’s like we’ve made it. We’ve arrived. God has blessed us so we are going to swim in it and enjoy. I’m guilty. But, what about everyone else? What about those who don’t have it all?


One thought on “I’m Guilty.

  1. Wow margie…. I so love your heart and this piece. A beautiful reminder to not become comfortable or at least not forget those outside of the comfort zone. it reminds me of the word of prophesy over indian lake that “stinky” was coming to that church. Remember that? I hope he comes. I hope someone reaches out and he comes with his whole family and finds a new family that extends those types of boundaries.

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