the heartland.

We just returned home from a visit to KY!

We love it there because we do absolutely nothing but spend time with family.

This time we were missing a part of our family though.

My husband, David, took a group of students to FL for our annual youth camp. I was quite disappointed I wasn’t going this year.

So, I kept myself supper busy the whole time by heading to KY!

First stop – my dad’s house.

We had a little celebration of presents and cupcakes for Roman who is about to turn 6.

Then, we headed out to dinner where something sort of strange happened.

We met….  um, well I never got their names. But, it is probably the only thing I didn’t get.

This little couple sat next to us.

They were quite interesting and I am glad to have met them.

They would have caught anyone’s attention for a lot of reasons.

He had to literally stand to eat or drink because of extreme deformity in his back. While he stands and eats, his beard hangs down below the table. She only has one eye.

And I have never never seen anyone move quite so slow. I’m talking like a full 4 minute sip of coke without moving a muscle.

She told me all about her mother who had 8 children and bore them all at home. They lived so far into the country that they never once saw a doctor.

She never had children and isn’t currently trying for any. She actually wouldn’t give a nickle for one.

And she really really really thought my Estella to be a good child….

It was a fun dinner.

They posed for this picture but insisted I not use it to scare the crows away from my garden.

This photograph, and the next three, were taken as I pulled into my mom’s driveway.

My little oasis.

Playing croquet with Gran Gran.

She always has the neatest little surprises. She said she just picked up this complete antique croquet set for $6 at a yard sale last fall. She finds interesting things then quietly puts them away for the perfect rainy day.

We ALWAYS have to go on a little adventure when the weather permits. This day was just perfect because the fields were just cut and the hay baled. We could hear the birds chirping and the cows mooing.

You never know what little treasures you will find. This day, it was golf balls! You would be surprised how excited little boys get over a pocket full of golf balls.

 This is one funny child. He makes me laugh every single day. Love this little personality.

I forget how grown up this little one is becoming. He has his own little ideas and plans.

Such a good little heart.

Awww. I love this photograph.

I’m still surprised just about every day that I have a little girl.

She bats her eyes and cant resist returning a smile.

But she KNOWS what she wants!

She is developing quite a strong and insistent little personality.

My mom’s next little trick was stove-top popcorn.

Jude wouldn’t go anywhere near it because he was sure it was going to explode.

But, oh my, were they impressed.

We all went antiquing one morning.

Found the PERFECT old toolbox for my harvest table. I’ve been looking for this to use on the table where we have school.

Our pencils and other small things are always rolling off the table. This is perfect for all those things plus will look pretty on my table when school is not in session. $12 = a pretty good deal!

I had to grab this for $.99 when I saw it!

I could not count the amount of times we listened to this growing up. It was our favorite!!

We came home today and sang Christmas music and danced around the house.

Estella cackled in her deep growly voice the whole time!

We summed up our weekend at my sister’s house celebrating Roman’s birthday.

They really planned a special day for us and my boys are going to talk about it forever.

My sister, Tracy, and her husband, Shawn, bought new poles for the boys. Their pond is really really full of fish. The boys literally pulled out one fish after another they entire time.

This is Estella trying to decide if she likes the fish.

Ultimately, she decided to hate it!

After this, she would pucker up and cry hysterically if a fish got within a foot of her. It was the saddest thing I have ever seen. It was like someone had hurt her feelings. Then once she stopped crying she would have moments where she “remembered” the fish and would bust out in tears again….



2 thoughts on “the heartland.

  1. This was the best weekend ever, I don’t know how they keep getting better and better! (although we did miss David) Thank you for the pic’s, I love you

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