with all my love.

Every time I visit the beach, I like to sit before the ocean and ask God to show me something amazing.

The grand nature of it all opens up my mind.

He always does, one way or another.

Sometimes its a change of heart. Sometimes a revelation.

Once I said “God, let me find the perfect shell here on the the beach.”

I like to be amazed my God. I LOVE to say “Wow! God that was incredible!”

I walked just a few steps and found a large beautiful Whelk shell unharmed by the crashing waves.

It was the only unbroken shell on the beach that entire week.

I still have it.

It represented God’s great love and His endless ability to do as He pleases.


Sometimes, I simply like to see my children smile.

So, I may give them a gift or tell them something special that makes them look up at me with loving boundless eyes.

It is as if I see all the way to their hearts.

Their love for me, their mother, gleams forth.

I know God does this same thing for me.

He may bring me a gift or tell me something special.

There was no reason to bring me a perfect shell.

Except that afterwards, I looked up towards Him, with all my love and admired Him.


This morning, I stood on the beach.

My children ran about feeding and chasing the seagulls.

I needed not to ask for something amazing.

I saw it before me in those little human beings with golden hearts and pure thoughts.

I remembered the words Jude had spoken to me earlier in the morning.

“Mommy, I’ll never get lost. I’ll always be with you and

Daddy and Bubby and Estella.”

I knew what his words were conveying. He didn’t fear in that moment he was going to be lost. He was safe in my arms.

He was telling me that we are his world. That he loves us so deeply and that he is happy and grateful for his family.


May my boys grow up to be as devoted and honorable as own their father.

May they love their own created families as much as their father loves ours.

May they resist temptation and hold out for the most significant benefits in life.

May they love God with all their hearts and commit to Him always, never shifting.


There is nothing greater than that which God rewards…


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