this is what family is all about.

I recently took some maternity photos for my sister. When I saw this picture I had to stop, admire and smile… This must have been why God created family. This is what it’s all about!

This photo represents all the chaos that having small children entails. No matter how much dirt is under those fingernails – we still LOVE. It’s loud and messy and exhausting. But, to me, there is nothing better. And there is definitely nothing better than the love of  Aunt Tracy and Gran Gran Askins shown in this photo.

My sister, Tracy, is so proud to be having her first baby in just a couple months. My Estella  in this photo is 5 months old. My sister’s baby girl will be only 8 months younger than my Estella. I’m so excited that Estella will have a best friend in her cousin as she grows up.

Tracy wanted a picture of her growing baby girl with my children. I think it is funny and endearing all at the same time. Look at that tummy right in there with the rest of them! LOL! My babies are messy and dirty and most definitely not posing for this photo. That is what makes it so great!

The sweetest part of this photo is that Roman over heard us saying that Estella and the baby would be best friends. So, he ran and got paper and pencil to write “best friend” on a piece of paper to hold in the picture.

We cant wait to meet you Baby Girl Burch! (Estella is especially looking forward to it!)


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