Ten Years Gone Bye.

Dear David.

It all began here.

The night we noticed each other.

A karaoke pizza place.

I was 19. You were 20.

I knew after our first date that I would marry you.

I had never ever before, not even close, felt the way I did towards you.

I was, head over heels, in love.

Dating & Nursing School.

Our First Youth Ministry.

The Seed Shack.

The Proposal.

The Wedding. 02/23/2002.

21 & 22.

The Honeymoon.

Cancun, Mexico.

Our First Place.

Our first year of marriage felt like a sleepover.  Getting to live with my love was a dream.

Our First Home and 1st Wedding Anniversary.

We loved our little home so much. An old renovation. Just our style.

22 & 23.

Florida Vacation Alone.

Were we old enough for that?


Our 2nd Youth Ministry.

Pregnant with our 1st Baby.

Graduating from Western Kentucky University.

Roman. 06/15/09.

We Move to Nashville.

Our 3rd Place.

Our 3rd Youth Ministry.

The Palace Theater.

Roman Turns 1!

Our 4th place. We Find our Home in Nashville.

Gatlinburg 2008.

Roman Turns 2.

Expecting Again!

Jude. 03/04/09.

Happy 3rd Birthday Roman.

Florida. 2009.

Roman 3. Jude 9 months.

Happy 1st Birthday Jude!

Our Little Red Head.

Florida 2010.

Roman 4. Jude 1.

Gatlinburg. 2010.

Mommy’s Boys.

Jude Turns 2.


Expecting Baby #3.

A Little Girl.

What a Dream Come True.

Graduating from Liberty University’s Seminary.

I was so proud of you!

Somehow I ended up with only photos of the food at the party.

Estella. 10/14/11.

Daddy’s Boys.

Little Mamma.

Daddy’s Girl.

Can you believe we created these 3 little miracles?

Someone recently said to me, “People could look at you and think you have everything.”

I left that moment thinking about perspective and gratitude.

Many people could say the same thing about themselves in all sorts of circumstances. I am thankful for opportunities like this when I am able to step back and see our life together as it truly is.

We have Jesus. He gives us strength to accomplish anything.

You love me. You follow your dreams. You’re passionate. You are a man of God. You love children and take care of us.

What more could I ever ask for?

I love you David Huff.

We could go anywhere or do anything. As long as I have you, I am safe and sound.

Thank you for the ten years gone bye.


2 thoughts on “Ten Years Gone Bye.

  1. How beautiful to be able to see the beginning of your relationship and share through pictures your 1st ten years together. Keep the love going and your relationship with Christ. We’ve been married 41 1/2 yrs,, went together 7 years before that and have raised 4 beautiful, successful, happy and Christian children. You can do the same for your family!! Keep your love and faith strong.

    Thanks so much for sharing!!!

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