The smell of an antique store brings back warm fuzzy feelings for me. It feels like the love of family and reminds me of the imaginative young soul I once was. Also, these stores are FULL of wonderful lovely things.

I grew up in an antique store. It is a family business and gathering place. Someone from the family is always there. As a teenager, I worked the store on Saturdays. I spend hundreds of hours of free time, exploring and imagining. The world before us is such a mystery.

Today, I revived an old passion. My husband and three children visited a 38,000 square foot antique mall. Let me just say that I would NEVER advise anyone to take a newborn, toddler and  hyper 5 year old boy to such a place. I’m positive the workers were glad when we left. We escaped without breaking one thing and a little less sanity.

I left with a bag for of goodies and a very large piece of furniture. Among those goodies were vintage clothes for baby Estella, vintage toys, books and puzzles, an old Polaroid and beautifully worn linens.

I decided this year I am going to do these little “why not”  things I want to do. I love old things so why not spend some time looking for them. I’ve added bits and pieces of our day and the lovely things I found.

$0.50 a piece

I read these stories to my sons last night and they laughed and laughed. Such sweet stories inside these treasures!


Hand sewn perfect condition.

Just a tad too small for me.

Who shall I give it to?

vintage baby toy and rattle for estella.

vintage Polaroid. $10.

vintage dress for estella. $3. perfect condition. my very favorite find from the day.

vintage linens. $1 a piece.

little present for my boys. $1.

We bought this old buffet to go under our new 51 inch flat screen.


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