The Seven Continents.

My little superheros just finished up a study of the seven continents. This has been my favorite thing we have studied since starting Kindergarten. I’m pretty sure Roman already knows more about each of the continents than I ever learned in public school. Maybe I just wasn’t paying attention. He can name and find each of the continents. He can also give you a rundown of the basic climate, animals and culture found on each one. I love it! This has opened a whole new world to this little 5 year old. He wants to travel the world and see all the great landmarks. He has wanted to know more about this subject than I have had the knowledge to share with him. So, I’ve spent a lot of time in preparation for this class. I’ve loved every minute of it!


One thought on “The Seven Continents.

  1. i pray this for adeline. that she would crave to see the big wide world out there. how great that you are teaching him about these things at such an early age!

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