Pretend Farmhouse

So, the category title, Farmhouse, may be a bit exaggerated. But, I’m dreaming. Like I said in the “About” section, I live in the city. My backyard garden spot is ridiculously large and produces more food than my little family can consume.   I LOVE gardening. I think about it all winter and have it sketched out by the time spring arrives. Watching a plant grow from seed to produce food is pretty amazing. My kids sit in the mud and dig up worms while plant.  Then, when fruits and veggies start arriving, they are the first in the garden with their baskets picking food. I love it! This year, I fully plan to add to our little nest. I’m thinking a few chickens and goats. Can’t wait to post more in this category once spring arrives.


One thought on “Pretend Farmhouse

  1. I have had chickens now for about 3 years. I have to say… I LOVE MY CHICKENS. :o) Everyone at work laughs about me and my chickens, but I don’t know care.

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